Project Eligibility & Loan Documents

What types of projects are currently eligible?

The following project categories and examples are provided to assist potential business borrowers. CalRecycle staff determines feedstock eligibility and final project qualification.

Eligible Projects INCLUDE

Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention

  • Modifying equipment to use less material or packaging
  • Optimize equiment to reduce waste generation


  • C&D reuse store
  • Upcycling a product for reuse.
Recycling, Composting,  & Anaerobic Digestion

Recycling, Composting,
& Anaerobic Digestion

  • Producing recycled raw feedstock material
  • Producing mulch or compost
  • Producing a recycled content finished product

Interested individuals and businesses are encouraged to contact the Zone Administrator before proceeding with loan documents. Loan documents are available at