Success Stories & Business Ideas

Success stories


California Bio-Mass, Inc.,

California Bio-Mass makes compost and recycled gypsum. They were founded in 1990 by David and Michael Hardy. California Biomass base their recycling and organics company on the principle that good business and sound environmental practices do mix.

Golden By-Products, Inc.

Golden-By-Products, Inc.

Goldent-By-Products makes products out of recycled tires. They collect scrap tires of every size, shape and form from Northern California about 4 ½ million tires per year.


Earthworm Soil Factory

In 2004 ESF diverted over 1000 yards of green waste from local landfills. Earthworm Soil Factory turns these unwanted materials into high quality soil amendments for soil and plant health and other environmentally useful commercial products.

Fire & Light

Fire & Light

Fire & Light Originals has a noteworthy heritage, formed in 1995 as a partnership between the Arcata Community Recycling Center. Fire and Light makes products out of recycled glass in Humboldt County, California

Business ideas

Business ideas that may qualify for a RMDZ loan in Tehama County.*

  • Producing mulch or compost from Ag waste
  • Separating Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste or other salvageable items for sale (C&D reuse store)
  • Demanufacturing mattresses or recycling carpet
  • Modifying processes to use less raw material
  • Modifying processes to reduce production waste.

*There are many potential qualifying projects that may work in Tehama County. These are simple brainstorm ideas of potential projects.
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